What we do

Tendercare International Schools


The school has a thriving drama department. Children are able to observe and learn moral principles through re-enacting stories about human behaviour. We lay emphasis on developing creative skills and children are encouraged to write their own plays. Drama also plays an important role in introducing children to the world of theatre and confidence building. Children participating in drama often have high confidence level which translates well in other areas of their academic endeavours as children are equipped with speech and voice projection techniques which help them to communicate their ideas confidently.


Art and Craft

Art and craft offers a complimentary link to all aspects of the school curriculum. We encourage children to express themselves using a wide array of media including painting, drawing, model making and ICT as well as discover pleasure in creating works of art and craft including needle work. The school’s end of the year party gives parents, friends and the community the opportunity to see some of the work done by the children.

Music and The Arts

Music and the arts are viewed within the school as a perfect accompaniment for educational pursuit and every effort is made to ensure that children have equal access to practical creative and musical activities.



The school considers sport as an important part of a child’s holistic development and we lay emphasis on helping children to develop advanced in our highly resourced outdoor environment.
From the age of three onwards, our pupils are encouraged to get involved in sporting activities including football, swimming and netball.
We run house groups where children participate in competitive sports in our annual sports day. This also offers children the experience of developing team work and a sense of belonging and working towards a common goal with group members.