Our School Brand

Getting In

As a great citadel of learning, we understand the usefulness of appropriate dressing and have a high taste for quality materials. We have gone a long way to pick befitting outfit for different school activities.


The uniform is designed by INNOVATION. For girls, our outfit comes in a grey painafore, white shirt and a red tie. The pinafore carries the school logo on the chest. The boys have a white short sleeve shirt with breast pocket that carries the school logo on it, a red tie and cute grey shorts.




Our sportswear comes in four different colour; red, blue, green and yellow, however, the joggers underneath comes in white satin stripped with its polo colour. A white canvas is required for a perfect sporty match.


Our cardigan comes in grey and is designed to keep the children warm and comfortable. Our choice of material and design makes our range of clothing trendy, durable and classy.
The pre-school just are they are called will be using another uniform entirely.
They will be wearing T-shirt of different colours for different days on their trousers (boys) and boot leg trousers (girls).
Aren’t they going to be looking smart?