Our passion is to see each child thrive in all areas of learning and development


Tender care International school was founded in 1984 on Godly values that continue to shape our ethos today – especially our passion to see each child thrive in all areas of their learning and development.

Our principal aim is to provide a safe, positive and conducive learning community, where pupils attain high academic achievement and also develop sound moral, social, emotional and spiritual values seasoned with discipline. We aim to achieve this by placing emphasis on the virtues of perseverance, diligence, respect, commitment, teamwork, a can-do attitude and a sense of personal responsibility.

From a tender age of 2 to 10, all pupils are encouraged to develop a passion for intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skill through our provision of broad, coherent and balanced curriculum. In particular, we aim to provide creative teaching and learning opportunities that motivates our children to engage in individual passion for lifelong learning skills. We consequently seek to make sure our children enjoy their learning, and become inspired for academic and become inspired for academic and personal success now and in future.

The system and structure of our school is shaped by a whole school approach where dedicated leadership and team work focus their attention on pupils and staff of the same vision- striving for excellence in all that we do. We seek to instill in our pupil, a sense of pride and confidence in self, school, community and nationwide. Pupils of Tender care are encouraged to maintain exceptional standards in academic performance, appearance, morals and interpersonal relationship. Be role models and senior students should take good care of the junior ones as well as helping to meet the needs of the less privileged in the society.

Tender care offers excellent facilities and wide range of quality curricular activities which enable our pupil to develop a healthy sense of cooperation and competition whilst enjoying social and cultural interests.